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Upgrade your taxi riding experience!!!

When you called for a cab in the past, you were expecting only one thing a yellow cab, a ten + year old beat up taxi.

With the technology we have today, we can see that trend (thankfully) fizzling out. Now you can order a fairly modern vehicle to drive you any place you need to go

One thing you should know about ordering a taxi wit us is that past precedent does not mean current outcome or future guarantees.

Bellmore Taxi and Airport Service began its mission as an airport transfer company, meaning we specialized in solely SUV's and a few town cars along the way, but times have quickly changed, and somewhat for the better.

You now have more options than you ever had before when you call us. Here I would like to discuss those options with you and help you make the best decision for what services you may need us to provide for you.

We provide basic sedan service from Bellmore to JFK for $65 each way. That means if one to two persons, at most three persons need transportation to JFK…