Drivers Wanted for busy Taxi/ Car Service/ Transportation Service in Bellmore NY 11710

Do you want to begin your career in a professional transportation environment? Bellmore Taxi and Airport Service has just the right driver position for you.

When you look at today's transportation landscape, you see traditional hail-able yellow cab services quickly becoming extinct in the light of the rideshare apps. This has eluded any serious minded professional away from this line of work

Rideshare apps, despite what they advertise to you you can earn, is not even minimum wage, so its best not to waste your time because they will never give you, the driver, the customer interface a fair shake at earning what you deserve to earn.

Traditional limousine services might only keep you on part time, when the big rides (airport and larger) are needed and require you to wear a traditional suit and tie, and only pay you marginally higher than what you can earn providing basic taxi services. Again, in the current market, work is thinning out for traditional limousine services in light of rideshare apps.

Enter Bellmore Taxi and Airport Service, a short and medium distance car service located in Bellmore NY 11710 that provides airport transportation during peak hours and then basic ASAP local transportation during off peak hours. This really can be the best of both worlds for the professional driver on Long Island

We still provide all the high end amenities and services that a traditional limousine service can do, such as trips into New York City, Sporting Events, Hourly Town Car Service, Winery Tours and long distance trips, however our company structure gives the driver a fair shake at earning what you need to survive on Long Island in the current transportation environment by promoting 24 hour service to our clients and potential clients. 

All this means that Bellmore Taxi and Airport Service could be the ideal career choice for an up and coming driver whom can provide a higher than average customer service level along with the immediate responsiveness of traditional taxi drivers

Drivers Wanted for Bellmore Taxi and Airport Service call 516-698-0507 to begin your career as a driver

Taxi Drivers Wanted for busy taxi service in Bellmore NY 11710! Call 516-698-0507 to apply today


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