whats the Long Island Uber Phone Number?

As you know, ridesharing has become increasingly popular on Long Island, and while still not the best transportation option, may people still use it. The biggest question out there for most people using uber and lyft goes something like this:

whats the Long Island Uber Phone Number?

whats the Uber Customer Service Phone Number?

does Long Island have a special uber phone number?

whats the Long Island Uber Phone Number for customer service?

Is there a Lyft customer service phone number?

Is the Lyft Customer Service Number operational on Long Island?

I'm here to educate you on why these services do not have phone numbers and for that reason it is increasingly dicey doing business with a company that does not have a phone number. What if you loose your cell phone in the cab, who are you going to call? What if the uber driver or lyft driver can't find you, is there a phone number that can patch you through to your driver? The answer is no, Rideshare companies are not equipped with the basic tool for business that has driven many companies for the past hundred or so years, a phone line. They can connect yo hundreds and thousands of ways without a phone, but uber and lyft do not have actual phone numbers

When you need to call a cab on Long Island, the best thing to do is google search local taxis and enter in the town you are located in's taxi service, for instance, when you need a ride in Bellmore NY, call Bellmore Taxi, when you need a ride in Wantagh NY, call Wantagh Taxi. When you need a ride in East Meadow NY, call East Meadow Taxi and when you need a ride in Merrick NY, call Merrick Taxi. It is that simple.

Calling a cab should not be rocket science, but folks at the big rideshare services seem to make it such. It's almost like they don not want to hear from you, or it is in some language that you don't understand.

Bellmore Taxi and Airport Service is dedicated to servicing the local community of Bellmore NY  and will do so with live company representatives and dispatchers eager to take your reservation

The phone number for Bellmore Taxi and Airport Service has always been (and always will be) (516) 698-0507. Save that into your cell phones. Put us on speed dial. If you travel around Bellmore a lot and need dependable transportation, we want to be your one stop shop for dependable rides no matter what time of day!


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