Taxis using technology

Have you ever wondered what a taxi would be like if nobody ever updated the technology? It seems like we were all in the dark ages a few years back having cabs with no GPS, no mobile payment options, a big loud radio that a dispatcher came through all broken up screaming on it.

Today we have options that incorporate technology into your ride in a way previously unheralded. Now you can book your taxi, see where your car is, know whom your driver is, know the fare ahead of time and best off, have a text message within a few seconds of your phone call to confirm. You can see the car you will be riding in so there will be no surprises with the car, the driver or the service.

Major Technology companies and big data companies have helped this happen. 

I am not talking about ride-shares, I am talking about taxis that you can legitimately hail right here in Bellmore NY, unlike uber and lyft

Bellmore Taxi and Airport Service allows you to book your ride via text to the corresponding phone number of the on duty dispatcher, have an ETA and a screenshot of where your car is traveling and know your driver and your car. That is a huge technological advancement from just a few years ago when it was a shot in the dark.

We encourage you, our clients to help us engage the use of technology to enhance your ride with us, so please leave a comment below or feel free to call us at 516-698-0507


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