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When your friend needs a ride, your first instinct is to call your local taxi service for them, correct? I'm here to help you find the best way to book a cab as efficiently as possible.

First off, I am a big fan of good Samaritans, but theres a correct way and an incorrect way of being that good Samaritan, albeit GREAT SAMARITAN!!!!!

When person A needs a ride, person A needs to call the local taxi to the town they are currently in from person A's cell phone

When person B needs a ride, person B needs to call the local taxi to the town they are currently in from person B's cell phone.

Inform the taxi dispatcher which town they are in, and which town  they intend to travel to. This eliminates all confusion on the dispatcher's end.

If person A needs a ride, person B can not call a taxi for person A from person B's cell phone. That creates unnecessary confusion on the dispatcher and drivers end, and will cause unnecessary delays in everybody else behind them's pickup, causing the good Samaritan person B to not be such a good Samaritan.

Neither person A nor person B should ever call a taxi from a landline, or a multi line business phone. That doubles the confusion created by calling a taxi from someone else's cell phone. Landlines are great for a few things, however calling a cab from a landline is not one of the things a landline is good for.

The reason for this is simple. We like to be able to text message a personalized confirmation to each and every one of our clients stating the exact pickup location, town of destination, number of people, name, cell phone number and directions for your pickup, as well as a link to Bellmore Taxi and Airport Service website, so you can learn about what our company can do for you before your ride begins. Supposed you thought it was going to be only a yellow cab, and not a nice black car? You would want to see the vehicle ahead of time to know what you are going to be riding in. You might also need to know some of the company policies that make riding in cabs fair to everybody. That, too is on the website, which you can look at while waiting the short time for your driver to arrive to your pickup location.

All of this valuable information to you, our valued client is lost when we are not in direct contact with you. A misinformed customer or a misguided customer is not going to be a happy customer, so to improve your experience with Bellmore Taxi and Airport Service, as well as any other taxis or black car service you will be riding in, we adopted a zero tolerance policy for third party ride booking and will not continue the reservation if our dispatcher thinks they are not talking to the person riding in the cab. This is our common courtesy to you, the client, the one whom will ultimately determine their experience riding with us.


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